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Children's Orthodontics

Children’s orthodontic issues

Would you like to know if your child is suffering from any abnormalities in their mouth? The best way to…

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Why is sugar so bad for our teeth?

Sugar is the cause, acid is the problem The issue is that sugar itself isn’t the problem, it's the cause…

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DIY clear aligners

The dangers of DIY braces and orthodontics

Orthodontists are warning against the dangers of DIY orthodontic treatments like DIY braces and aligners. Orthodontists and dentists alike are…

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invisalign teen

Why choose Invisalign Teen aligners?

Invisalign aligners are becoming increasingly more popular because these appliances won’t stop you from living your life. Teens live in…

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Do you know which celebrities have had braces?

Even celebrities require orthodontic treatment Not all celebrities have always had the pearly white, straight teeth look. Just like the…

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