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7 Jan

Looking After Braces

Looking After Braces

Looking After Braces

Have you just got your braces fitted at iSmile? Here’s a handy guide to looking after your braces and making sure your treatment is not delayed as a result of breakages or poor dental hygiene. The best piece of advice we can give you is to establish a comprehensive brushing routine from day one.

Traditional Braces

  • Brush your teeth after every meal to dislodge any food – tip: rinse your mouth with water before you brush to get rid of the biggest food particles
  • You should use a soft-bristled brush or electric toothbrush – make sure you brush your gums, below the brackets and above the brackets
  • Do not eat sticky food, popcorn or bite into hard food like whole carrots or apples
  • Floss once a day – this includes between the braces and under the wires. Try using an orthodontic flosser or floss threader to make this easier
  • Rinse using mouthwash to kill residual bacteria
  • Wear an orthodontic mouthguard when playing sports – this protects both the braces and your mouth in the event of contact
  • Carry around a mirror to check for any food particles after you’ve eaten so you can dislodge it and minimise the risk of plaque build-up
  • Place dental wax on any sharp parts of your braces until you can return to the orthodontist to stop your mouth becoming irritated


  • Retainers are really easy to look after because they can be removed
  • Every day in the evening you should clean your retainer with a mild toothpaste on a soft toothbrush and dry it thoroughly
  • Maintain your usual oral hygiene practices and brush, floss and use mouthwash twice a day throughout your treatment
  • When you take your retainer out, always place it in a holder so you don’t lose it – many retainers are placed on napkins and then thrown away!

Remember, if you don’t practice good oral hygiene, you may develop cavities and tooth decay. When this happens we often have to stop our orthodontic work for you to receive dental treatment. This will postpone your treatment program with iSmile and can be costly. To avoid delays, make sure you brush your teeth very carefully and thoroughly when you’re wearing your braces. This will also minimise the risk of your teeth staining and discolouring which may lead to the need for teeth whitening in the future. For more information, ask your orthodontist at your next appointment.

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